Meplat Group is Louisiana’s #1 Silencer Dealer.

Here are some FAQs that should answer most of your questions about doing business with us. Feel free to call or text 504-5.56-2000 with additional questions or email us at

WAIT A MINUTE, I can own a silencer?!?!?!

Yes, they have never been illegal, just regulated. We are a fully licensed, attorney-owned operation that handles the entirety of the silencer acquisition for Louisiana residents. Not only can you own silencers, you can own short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, machine guns, destructive devices, and AOWs (any other weapons—a catch-all category for things like pistol grip short shotguns, cane guns, pen guns, etc).

I wish silencers were legal for hunting.

They are! Silencers are legal for hunting in most states. Here’s a map, courtesy of our friends at Silencerco. 

Why should Louisiana residents buy their NFA items from Meplat Group?

  1.  We make it easy.  At Meplat Group, every customer gets a concierge level of service. You literally tell us what you want, and then we take care of everything else.  Our attorney/owner drafts your trust, we print you on our own livescan fingerprinting and photographing equipment, we help you pick out your NFA items, we draft your forms, and we email them to you and your Trustees to electronically sign thanks to our ATF variance allowing us to use electronic signatures.
  2. We work cheap.  Because we are attorney-owned, our attorney discounts his normal trust fee of $300 to $150 when you are purchasing an NFA item at the same time (and you only need one trust to hold an infinite amount of NFA items). Because we own our own fingerprinting and photographing equipment, we do first time pics and prints for $45/person, but we discount that to $35/person if they are for an item you are buying from us. Once your pics and prints are in the system, we can do reprints for $25/person, again discounted to $15/person if they are for an item you are buying from us. We price all of our items that have a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) at that price so you can buy with confidence and not worry you are getting taken to the cleaners. We don’t want to sell you one NFA item, we want to sell you ALL your NFA items, and your friends all of theirs.
  3. We do it securely.  Look, we know some dealers have a “kiosk” from a huge Texas dealer they sell through. But let’s take a second and think about it. Do you want your biometric information being transmitted to an offsite location over the internet? Do you like the idea of your social security number,  pictures, fingerprints, and all demographic information zinging through cyberspace? I don’t either. Think of the tens of thousands of clients they have all over the country and all of a sudden they start looking like a target rich environment for hackers. The computer we use for our pics and prints is a standalone that is used only for that purpose and is NOT connected to the internet. Our customers are our friends, neighbors, and business associates. We value their privacy and security like our own.
  4. We know our stuff.  Not only do we know the legal and compliance side of the business, we know NFA items front to back. Whether it’s silencers, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, machine guns, or destructive devices, if we don’t know the answer (rare occasions) we can pick of the phone and call an industry friend who does. Knowledge is power and we believe in sharing it with our clients.
  5. We are nice people.  We don’t pressure anyone to buy. We educate and discuss your needs and answer your questions. We don’t have the typical superiority complex you find all too often in gun stores. We don’t know everything or substitute our opinions or preferences for yours. It isn’t uncommon for people to come in several times and ask questions before they buy. It’s a big commitment; we understand.
  6. We take all sorts of payments.  All major credit cards, checks, wire transfer, and, of course, cash.  We also offer 0% financing for up to a year with approved credit.


How long will this all take?

The actual process of coming in and getting fingerprinted and getting the NFA Trust drafted takes under 30 minutes. The time it takes to buy and pay for your silencers varies depending on how decisive you are, level of knowledge coming in, and the amount of questions you ask.  Documents are usually drafted either the same or next business day. ATF is currently advising us to tell clients that the approval process takes 6-7 months.

Where are you located and how can I come get NFA items from Meplat Group?

We are located in Metairie, Louisiana at 2713 Division St., Metairie, Louisiana 70002. Because the owner also runs a busy law and real estate title practice out of the same building, we are by appointment only. You can call or text 504-5.56-2000 for an appointment or you can email if you prefer. Text is probably the quickest and easiest way for us to respond.

Oh, well, I’m on the other side of the state.  Guess I’ll find a closer dealer.

Hang on. We have clients all over the state: Bossier City, Shreveport, Ruston, Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and the Northshore. The reason they haven’t found local dealers is that it is easier to do business with us.

Come down just one time to set up your trust and have yourself and your Trustees fingerprinted  and photographed (make a weekend of it in New Orleans!) and YOU DON’T EVER HAVE TO COME BACK TO OUR STORE. You simply order your NFA items from us over the phone with a credit card (or mail a check or wire transfer), sign the necessary documents electronically, and we can mail your silencers to you when the tax stamps come back (but you can always come pick them up when the tax stamps come in if you prefer to do so—it saves about two weeks in the ATF’s mailing process).

I already have a trust or I want to own my silencers individually or in a corporation or LLC. Can we do that?

Sure. We are happy to do whatever our clients want. However, we still believe that an NFA trust is the best way to own silencers.

From a cost perspective, unlike a corporation or LLC, you don’t have to pay annual fees on a trust.  In fact, because the NFA trust won’t ever own any immovable property, it won’t be filed with the state at all.

This leads into the privacy perspective. The only time we are giving a copy to the government is when you file for your tax stamps with each purchase. Then they become part of a tax document, and are confidential and only obtainable (even by other government agencies) with a subpoena from a federal judge. The general public can’t just go to and see who the members of your trust are like they can with a corporation or LLC.

And from a liability perspective, it makes sense to keep these items in their own juridical entity without any other non-NFA assets to give you an added measure in the event your NFA items or use thereof become the subject of a lawsuit at a later date.

Finally, from a flexibility perspective, the NFA Trust is a living document that allows you to give or take away rights for other people to possess your silencers. You can add or remove people as you see fit without notifying them, the ATF, or anyone else.  For $150 with purchase, our trusts are the best deal going.

I’m building an SBR, or buying an NFA item from someone in state/out of state or from another dealer out of state. Can you help me?

Of course! We can draft Form 1s for you to build your own SBR or Form 4s to transfer between in state owners or handle NFA transfers. The cost for any of these services is $100 including using our digital signing service and the mailing of all forms to the ATF and for CLEO notification. We can also provide pictures and prints as well. It is $45/person for the first time we process you and $25/person for reprints.

Is your inventory online anywhere?

No, we don’t do any internet sales so we don’t have an online store. We have a small, but awesome, showroom that displays all of the items we regularly stock, however we can get virtually ANYTHING on the market today. If you’d like to see some pictures of our showroom, follow us on Instagram @meplatgroup or check out our Facebook page to get a glimpse of what we offer.

Wait, I’ve been to your shop; it’s really small. Are you really the #1 silencer dealer in the state of Louisiana?

Absolutely. We move a tremendous volume because we make the process so easy. And doing business with us has perks for our customers because we are the #1 dealer. Because our sales volume gives us great credibility in the industry and we have a lot of contacts, we often know what’s coming before other dealers do, and we sometimes get special deals and early access to products that allow us to get the coolest stuff to our clients at the best prices. For instance, we had Silencerco Maxim 9s, the world’s first integrally suppressed pistols on our shelves (the only ones at any Louisiana retailer for months) before some of the big distributors like RSR and Lipsey’s got theirs. Because this was a hot item, our good clients got first crack at them.