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We bought a ton of Gemtech suppressors at a really sick price and so we decided to pass the savings on to you.

Every Gemtech can has a list of free cans you can choose. Not every suppressor has the same promo cans offered. No substitutions allowed. 

We have all of these cans in stock and they will Form out as soon as we have all of the necessary information from you. This will not be a Silencerco debacle because we aren’t depending on anyone but ourselves.
Orders are filled in the order in which they are received. Because of the way our software works we cannot set inventory numbers on the free cans. Therefore the possibility exists that a free can could get oversold before we take it off the list. If that happens we will contact you within 24 hours so you can either a) pick a different free can or b) get a full refund. We are going to work out asses off to try and keep this from happening though because it isn’t fun for anyone. 

Once we are out, we are out. This is a limited offer and won’t happen again. That said, even if you are a local customer you may want to buy online as that gets your order in the quickest. Then you can come handle the pics/prints/stamps when you have a chance to come in.

Enjoy the Promo and tell your friends!